Marmor - Glanz Polska

Marmor - Glanz Polska - Restoration of Natural Stone, Sealing of Natural Stone, MGB Lotus System L2/L4

Marmor - Glanz Polska specialised in restoration and maintenance of surfaces made of natural stone, in particular marble and granite as well as engineering stones, decorative brickwork, ceramics, and terrazzo.

Since its establishment, Marmor - Glanz has been seen as an innovative organization, in which the pursuit of excellence takes precedence over routine and stagnation. Marmor - Glanz is highly regarded for its flexibility, competence, reliability, and speed of execution of orders. All this is possible thanks to our highly-educated specialists and the application of modern technology: MGB Lotus System L2/L4.

Marmor - Glanz prioritizes additional training of its employees. We believe that competent employees and good working atmosphere are essential to customer satisfaction and, consequently, the success of our organisation.

MGB Lotus 2 and Lotus 4.

Marmor - Glanz new information

Museum in Tashkent, Uzbekistan - Facades

Renovation of the Museum Facades in Tashkent.
Palace of International Forums.

Impregnation of natural stone - Saudi Arabia, Hotel

Renovation of the natural stone surface in the diamond wet grinding process including impregnation.

Renovation and cleaning of natural stone - Bensberg Castle

Renovation of 420 m² natural stone surface in a wet diamond grinding process, including impregnation. Facade cleaning.

Holiday Inn Dąbrowa Górnicza - Renovation of Natural Stone

Place: Holiday Inn Hotel - Dąbrowa Górnicza
Task: Renovation of a bar counter / top made of Travertine.
Details: No gloss, numerous scratches and impurities caused by use.


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