Protection against vandalism

Marmor - Glanz offers a professional solution!

Graffiti and provocative slogans on public buildings, monuments, façades of houses, and in many other places have become an expensive, wide-spread problem. When they are illegal and interfere with the surrounding area, they become an act of vandalism with a negative impact on the image of cities.

Modern spray paints are based on high-quality components, which makes them difficult to remove. Traditional remedies to remove these paints require time and patience and they do not appear to be completely effective. Until now, graffiti damage has been usually rectified by means of aggressive solvents that are also harmful to health.

Since the introduction of new environmental legislation in all EU member states, the previously used graffiti removal agents, such as methyl chloride, stains, acids, nitro thinners have become unacceptable.

By using a range of products created with modern technology, Marmor - Glanz is able to remove even the toughest dirt and provide protection against new illegal wall paintings while observing environmental regulations.

We clean gently by using JOS and Rotec sandblasting method.

What can be removed:

  • dispersion paints, latex paints, oil paints, elastomeric coatings, acrylic resin varnishes, enamel, acrylic paints (spray paints), graffiti, bituminous coatings, oily substances, and others;
  • soot sedimentation, oil and fat sedimentation, microorganisms (crust vegetation), and others;

lichen, mosses, algae, moulds, and others.




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