Safety of use - anti-slip properties

from R9 to R12

Risk of accident due to slippery floors can be reduced!

Marmor - Glanz Polska helps to minimize the risk of slippery surface incidents by applying the appropriate processes of treating natural stone floors and using the Lotus ® system. Measurements of anti-slip parameters are another area of activities of Marmor - Glanz Polska.

Anti-slip properties are one of the key surface properties of natural stone, which influences its application, ensuring safe movement in specific areas. It is important that the natural stone is not slippery – this applies to surfaces in residential and public buildings, both indoors and outdoors. This parameter is marked from R9 to R12. The higher the number, the less slippery the surface. For home use, it is generally safe to use surfaces with a lower coefficient, but in public and industrial buildings, in the so-called wet zones, a higher anti-slip coefficient is required.


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