Śledź nas: Renowacja i konserwacja powierzchni z kamienia naturalnego, konglomeratów kwarcowych i lastryka.
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Our offer

Marmor - Glanz Polska specialised in restoration and maintenance of surfaces made of natural stone, in particular marble and granite as well as conglomerates, decorative brickwork, ceramics, and terrazzo.

Marmor - Glanz offers restoration of natural stone, terrazzo, and artificial stone using the Lotus® system.

We provide advice on stone care to both individuals and entrepreneurs.

This technique is mainly used for restoration of stone floors and other elements that lost their lustre due to the passage of time.

The effect of crystallization is long-lasting and strengthens the structure of the stone, making it hard and abrasion-resistant

The effect of pulverisation is a beautiful, natural shine of the surfaces subjected to this process.

If stone is used for a long time, exposed to variable weather conditions, or improperly maintained, it deteriorates and becomes chipped.

Stains on natural stone mostly appear on utility surfaces, such as kitchen worktops and flooring in living rooms or hotels.

Modern sealing agents based on nanotechnology allow thorough and lasting protection of natural stone against the destructive effects of atmospheric factors, colouring matter, moisture, and dirt.

Anti-slip performance is one of the key surface properties of natural stone, determining its applicability for specific areas where safety of movement is a concern.

How to protect and care for stone elements to enjoy their beauty for years to come?

Graffiti on public buildings, monuments, façades of houses, and in many other places is a costly and prevalent problem.

the service consists in covering part or all of the façade with an anti-graffiti coating, which protects the surface from the ingress of paint.

The Marmor - Glanz team performs machine cleaning of stoneware surfaces using a carefully selected, appropriate cleaning agent.

Marmor - Glanz team are comprehensive—during restoration of stone and brick walls, apart from cleaning, we also offer filling of chips in the surface.

One of the best and most effective ways to remove dirt and residue from sandstone surfaces is the process of restoration.

Sandstone exposed to atmospheric conditions (especially water) and urban pollution easily becomes covered with decolourising residue, dust, or soot.