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Marmor – Glanz Polska

We are a team of specialists in the processing, cleaning, and sealing of surfaces made of natural stone.


  1. Restoration of natural stone

    Marmor – Glanz offers restoration of natural stone, terrazzo, and artificial stone using the Lotus® system (created with the use of innovative nanotechnology), among others by the process of wet diamond grinding.

  2. Removal of stains from stone surfaces

    As experts in restoration and maintenance of stone surfaces, we have the expertise and products for effective and completely safe removal of stains from stone.

  3. Stone sealing and restoration

    Modern sealing agents based on nanotechnology allow thorough and lasting protection of natural stone against the destructive effects of atmospheric factors, colouring matter, moisture, and dirt.

  4. Graffiti removal

    By using a range of modern, technologically-advanced products, Marmor – Glanz is able to remove even the toughest dirt and provide protection against new illegal wall paintings while observing environmental regulations.

Why cleaning technologies used by Marmor – Glanz are better than ‘ordinary cleaning’ ?


In most types of cleaning, dirt is not removed but rubbed into the stone structure. On the other hand, Marmor – Glanz uses nanotechnology-based measures or, in some cases, stone cleaning by dust-free wet grinding with diamonds, which ensures successful cleaning of the contaminated surface. What is important, Marmor – Glanz offers restoration and maintenance of each type of natural stone as well as their artificial substitutes.

After cleaning, the stone is sealed, which gives it long-lasting protection against the ingress of dirt. This reduces the need for frequent clean-ups of dirty areas and brings cost savings.

Marmor – Glanz customers know and appreciate our flexibility, competence, and credibility. It is also worth noting that we execute orders quickly. All this is possible thanks to our highly-qualified specialists and the application of modern technology.

Marmor – Glanz starts to execute each order with a visit at the customer site to check the condition of the surface that is to be restored. We recommend to the customer the solution best suited for the particular facility and surface. Each stone is different and requires an individual approach, so it is very important to choose the right technology. We take care to keep each workplace tidy so that the execution of the order does not collide with the functioning of the facility.

The offer of Marmor – Glanz is addressed to:

  • people who want to get many years of satisfaction with an ideal interior as well as the exterior façade;
  • people who want to ensure for themselves, their loved ones, and customers safe use of horizontal surfaces by choosing the appropriate the anti-skid parameters;
  • people for whom a shining stone floor is the essence of elegance;
  • entrepreneurs who want to protect themselves against possible claims for damages arising out of incidents caused by a slippery surface;
  • stone users who after the expiry of the service life of stone notice dirt and light scratches in the stone structure;
  • stone users who after the expiry of the service life of stone, and also due to misuse and unforeseen events, struggle with a scratched, worn-out, stained stone surface;
  • insurers in the process of adjustment of losses caused by e.g. faulty arrangement of stone, stain removal, and other causes;
  • natural stone distributors who want to recommend professional stone care to their customers;
  • natural stone installers who want to provide their customers with professional service to ensure that a beautiful marble floor brings many years of joy;
  • people who want to restore a natural stone surface while saving time and money;
  • entrepreneurs for whom a stylish interior contributes to the creation of quality;
  • architects who care about the beautiful appearance of the designed interiors and exterior areas to ensure long-lasting effects of their work for their clients.
  • ubezpieczycieli w ramach procesu likwidacji szkód powstałych np. z powodu wadliwego ułożenia kamienia, usuwania plam i innych przyczyn,
  • dystrybutorów kamienia naturalnego, chcącym polecać swoim klientom profesjonalną pielęgnację kamienia,
  • przedsiębiorców zajmujących się montażem kamienia naturalnego, chcącym zapewnić swoim klientom profesjonalny serwis tak aby radość z pięknej marmurowej podłogi trwała niezmiennie przez wiele lat,
  • osób zamierzających wykonać renowację powierzchni kamienia naturalnego oszczędzając czas i pieniądze,
  • przedsiębiorców, dla których reprezentacyjne wnętrze jest elementem tworzącym jakość,
  • architektów, dla których ważny jest piękny wygląd projektowanych przez nich wnętrz i stref zewnętrznych i tym samym chcącym zapewnić swoim klientom efekt swojej pracy przez długie lata.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Marmor – Glanz Polska maintains both the smallest surfaces in private homes as well as large public buildings and offices. Our employee, a specialist in restoration and maintenance of natural stone, will recommend the best solution for your needs.