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Washing sandstone—without damaging the stone structure

Sandstone exposed to atmospheric conditions (especially water) and urban pollution easily becomes covered with decolourising […]

Restoration of sandstone—removal of dirt and residue

One of the best and most effective ways to remove dirt and residue from sandstone […]

Brick restoration—uniform restoration of brick walls

Marmor – Glanz team are comprehensive—during restoration of stone and brick walls, apart from cleaning, we also […]

Porcelain stoneware—cleaning stoneware surfaces

The Marmor – Glanz team performs machine cleaning of stoneware surfaces using a carefully selected, appropriate cleaning […]

Anti-graffiti—protects the building façade

the service consists in covering part or all of the façade with an anti-graffiti coating, […]

Removing graffiti made from building facades

Graffiti on public buildings, monuments, façades of houses, and in many other places is a […]

Maintenance—how to protect and care for stone

How to protect and care for stone elements to enjoy their beauty for years to […]

Anti-slip treatment—to make natural stone less slippery

Anti-slip performance is one of the key surface properties of natural stone, determining its applicability […]

Sealing-lasting stone protection

Modern sealing agents based on nanotechnology allow thorough and lasting protection of natural stone against […]

Removal of stains from natural stone

Stains on natural stone mostly appear on utility surfaces, such as kitchen worktops and flooring […]

Filling in chips-repair of stone surfaces

If stone is used for a long time, exposed to variable weather conditions, or improperly […]

Pulverisation-polishing of granite surfaces

The effect of pulverisation is a beautiful, natural shine of the surfaces subjected to this […]

Crystallization-a method of marble polishing

The effect of crystallization is long-lasting and strengthens the structure of the stone, making it […]

Diamond grinding of stone floors

This technique is mainly used for restoration of stone floors and other elements that lost […]

Consultations on stone care

We provide advice on stone care to both individuals and entrepreneurs.

Restoration of natural stone

Marmor – Glanz offers restoration of natural stone, terrazzo, and artificial stone using the Lotus® system.

    Hotel Monopol***** Wroclaw

    Our goals were clean, residue-free marble and restored, luxurious appearance of the black surface.


    Grandhotel Schloss Bensberg

    Powierzono nam bardzo odpowiedzialne zadanie polegające na usunięciu nierówności i fleków w zabytkowym, pieczołowicie odrestaurowanym Zamku Hotelu Bensberg.