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    Marmor - Glanz offers restoration of natural stone, terrazzo, and artificial stone using the Lotus® system.

    Thanks to Marmor - Glanz and the Lotus® system, you can enjoy the charm of natural stone for many years to come.

    Marmor - Glanz offers restoration of natural stone, terrazzo, and artificial stone using the Lotus® system (created with the use of innovative nanotechnology), among others by the process of wet diamond grinding in the following areas:

    • restoration of wall cladding and flooring;
    • restoration of stairs;
    • restoration of bathrooms;
    • restoration of kitchen worktops, tables, and sills;
    • and many more.
    The scope of additional work performed on the basis of an individual customer order and necessary for obtaining the optimal result includes:
    • stain removal,
    • filling of chips in the surface with tinted resin,
    • replacement of damaged slabs,
    • repair of damaged grout.

    Many companies specializing in cleaning surfaces made of natural stone, artificial stone, and terrazzo restore stone surfaces simply by treating them with insulating paints or resins, which traps all dirt accumulated in the cracks. Such procedure will not eliminate actual stone damage and is limited to common cosmetic work. Thanks to the method of wet diamond grinding, stone regains its original beauty. This process consists of precise grinding of the damaged surface until the desired surface is obtained. Next, the floor is subjected to further, less invasive grinding, honing, and polishing with increasingly finer grit sizes.

    Modern machines ensure perfect execution of the order

    Depending on the scope of the order, the grinding machines are fitted with a variety of tools to ensure perfect execution of the order (different diamond grits, different bond hardness). An electronically controlled torque, appropriate number of revolutions, correct tool pressure on the floor, and a team of professional polishers guarantee best results.

    After restoration, Marmor - Glanz customers receive instructions on care and cleaning of the restored surface. Regular and proper care of natural stone ensures maintenance of the obtained result of restoration for many years to come depending on the surface load. Restored surface looks like new. It will be gently ground, polished, hardened, sealed, and protected against slipping hazard. Even a single process of restoration and improvement of stone, especially of delicate marble, will ensure modest cost of restoration in the following years.

    The result guaranteed by Marmor - Glanz:

    restored surface looks like new

    The advantages of natural stone restoration by Marmor - Glanz:

    • preserves the existing surface without the need for costly replacement,
    • restores the original appearance of the surface,
    • care and maintenance saving time and money,
    • increases the value of the renovated facility,
    • enhances the image thanks to the restored interiors,
    • minimises risk of incidents caused by slippery floor,
    • restoration executed with minimum level of noise from the grinding machines and with minimum interference with the activities of the customer,
    • business activities can continue during the restoration, thus avoiding image and financial losses caused by facility closure for the period of restoration (on request, we also execute orders outside the working hours of our customers),
    • option to stay safely at home during the restoration works,
    • the surface is maintained in perfect condition for many years through proper care after the restoration process,
    • provides a clean and hygienic surface,
    • greater motivation to work in a nicer environment.

    We approach each order individually—before restoration work, we always carry out a test that allows us to choose the best and most effective method.

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