Offer of Marmor - Glanz Polska

Offer of Marmor - Glanz Polska

We present examples of projects completed by Marmor - Glanz Polska, which demonstrate our services of restoration and maintenance of surfaces made of natural stone, in particular marble and granite as well as conglomerates, decorative brickwork, ceramics, and terrazzo.

Marmor - Glanz customers know and appreciate our flexibility, competence, and credibility. It is also worth noting that we execute orders quickly. All this is possible thanks to our highly-educated specialists and the application of modern technology.

Marmor - Glanz starts to execute each order with a visit at the customer site to check the condition of the surface that is to be restored. We recommend to the customer the solution best suited for the particular facility and surface. Each stone is different and requires an individual approach, so it is very important to choose the right technology.

We take care to keep each workplace tidy so that the execution of the order does not collide with the functioning of the facility.

Why are the technologies used by Marmor - Glanz for cleaning better than “ordinary cleaning”? In most types of cleaning, dirt is not removed but rubbed into the stone structure. On the other hand, Marmor - Glanz uses nanotechnology-based measures or, in some cases, stone cleaning by dust-free wet polishing with diamonds, which ensures successful cleaning of the contaminated surface. What is important, Marmor - Glanz offers restoration and maintenance of each type of natural stone as well as their artificial substitutes. After cleaning, the stone is sealed, which gives it long-lasting protection against the ingress of dirt. This reduces the need for frequent clean-ups of dirty areas and brings cost savings. Marmor-Glanz also offer the service of graffiti removal and appropriate protection of stone surfaces against graffiti.

We can state with almost complete certainty that Marmor - Glanz will clean almost any dirt off any natural stone and its artificial counterpart.

MGB Lotus System L2/L4.

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