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    Our goals were clean, residue-free marble and restored, luxurious appearance of the black surface.

    While carrying out works in the five-star Monopol Hotel in Wrocław (cleaning of marble surfaces in bathrooms), we used deep steam penetration methods and sealing agents to protect natural stone against the action of hard water and accumulation of residue. Our goals were clean, residue-free marble and restored, luxurious appearance of the black surface. We took care to protect our workplace to be able to return the bathrooms perfectly clean and ready for use. Thanks to the use of the MGB Lotus L2/L4 nanotechnology as well as professionalism and experience of our team, this project was another success.

    Monopol is a legendary Wrocław hotel from 1892, built in the Neo-Baroque style. In 1937, a portico with a balcony was added to it, on which twenty years later sang the famous Polish singer and actor Jan Kiepura. Fortunately, the building complex survived World War II without major damage and has been visited by a number of famous guests, including Pablo Picasso, Aleksander Bardini, Jerzy Grotowski, and Ewa Demarczyk. At the beginning of the 21st century, the hotel underwent an extensive and meticulous renovation, which included its antique and historical elements. The interiors were given a modern and luxurious look—the unique atmosphere of this place is emphasized by marble, always fresh flowers, and excellent service.

    Here, a specialist team from Marmor - Glanz was tasked with removing and cleaning residue from marble floors and walls of shower cabins as well effective stone sealing. Black stone became dirty as a result of prolonged exposure to hard water from the municipal water supply. Our team carried out the cleaning operation, restoring the marble to its former glory, and provided sealing and anti-slip treatments (using MGB Lotus L2/L4 preparations). The operation was carried out efficiently, professionally, and keeping the area around the workplace clean.

    The Monopol Hotel is an example of combining knowledge and experience of the Marmor - Glanz team with the latest chemical technology in the field of natural stone care.

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